LAZARITE M Pen, AES2.0/MPP2.0/WGP protocols
LAZARITE M Pen, AES2.0/MPP2.0/WGP protocols
LAZARITE M Pen, AES2.0/MPP2.0/WGP protocols
LAZARITE M Pen, AES2.0/MPP2.0/WGP protocols

LAZARITE M Pen, AES2.0/MPP2.0/WGP protocols

LAZARITE M Pen, Active Stylus for Lenovo Tab P11, Flex 5/14, Yoga 7i/9i, Hp Envy x360/Pavilion x360/Spectre x360, Digital Pen with 4096 Pressure Sensitivity, Palm...
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  • One-Year Warranty By Repair Or Replacement After Purchasing.

making stylus be a real pen

High Sensitivity

Due to the 4906 pressure sensitivity, you can draw lines from thin to thin, from light to dark. The transition gets much smoother.

Tilt support

Tilt support makes doodling and drawing much more easier and convenience.

No need for gloves

Palm Rejection design allows you to rest your hand on the screen of your laptop, just as you would writing on a notebook.

Works right out of the box

No need for Bluetooth pairing, Apps installation, M pen works right out of the box.(The battery's electrical insulation film needs to be removed for first use)
Not easy to lose
Stylus pens come with a clip so you can attach it to a pocket or your tablet case.
Super long-lasting
Powered by AAAA battery provides 1000 hours use time (2hrs per day, it can be used around 500 days).

The side buttons

The down button is erase function by default.
The up(top) button is right-click function by default.

Customize the buttons

If the default function is not what you are used to, the side buttons also support customization.(check this article)


LAZARTITE M pen is not compatible with Chromebook OS, Apple, Samsung devices. Please check the compatible devices listed in the "Compatible Models" before place order.
View all compatible models

Product Specification

Item Dimensions:
5.51 x 0.37 x 0.37 inches
Item Weight:
1.06 ounces
Battery Type:
1 AAAA batteries required. (included)
Battery using time:
1000 Hours
Number of pressure levels:
Palm rejection:
Tilt function:
AES2.0, MPP2.0, WGP, AIT

Included In The Box

  • 1 x Active Stylus
  • 1 x AAAA Battery(Already placed in the pen)
  • 1 x Quick start guide
What Our Customer Say
“The Lazarite stylus pen is a decent stylus for its price point. I like to draw and recently purchased a Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5. I tried two other pens that either did not work or did not have pressure sensitivity on the touch screen. This pen not only works but is incredibly sensitive. It took a bit of getting used to. It is lightweight and makes solid lines. If you are experiencing a "wobble" effect at first, make sure you calibrate the pen to whatever drawing software you are using. For Clipstudio Paint, I did have to do the custom pen pressure settings.Over all, the price is right and the pen works. I drew this with it and am looking forward to more!”

- Sariah -

“As a artist I was worried this wouldnt work. It's the best thing I have ever bought! Feels just like a pencil/pen in my hand. It glides smoothly across my laptop. I would definitely buy again!”

- Kayla_max -

“I teach online using online whiteboards, and so a good quality pen was really important. Straight out of the box, I struggled to get it working and wrote to the LAZARITE helpdesk, who were prompt and quick in replying. Turns out all I had to do was keep both buttons pressed for 5 seconds to activate the pen. Since then, I have had to this a couple of times when the pen decided to stop working.
This pen works great with my Lenovo Ideapad Flex5. The only niggle is the buttons on the side of the pen are awkwardly located, so I sometimes end up erasing without intending to.
I have only had the pen for a short time, so not sure how well the battery lasts, but so far very happy with my purchase.”

- Deepug -

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install a driver or software to use the pen on devices?

No need to install software or Bluetooth. You may realize why the stylus can write on touchscreen without installing Bluetooth or applications? Because most laptops/tablets/IWB have built-in pen writing protocols. For example. Surface built-in MPP (Microsoft Pen Protocol), Wacom tablet built-in AES (active electrostatic) / AIT (touch) protocol. As long as the pen matches the protocol, the computer pen will automatically activate when the screen is touched. Our multiple protocol technology helps our stylus pencil match MPP/AES/AIT protocol.

Can the stylus also be used on Apple devices?

No, Apple uses their own technology and protocol. Therefore, they are not compatible with our stylus pen.

Can the stylus also be used on Samsung devices?

No, Samsung devices have Wacom EMR technology built-in. Therefore, they are not compatible with our stylus pen.

Dose this active stylus work with Chromebook / Chrome OS devices?

No, Chromebook/Chrome OS devices have USI protocol built-in. M pen is not compatible with these devices.

Is 4096 level pressure better than 2048 level?

Well, in my opinion, the higher the pressure sensitivity, the smoother the transition from thin to thick, light to dark. Therefore, when you are using the stylus pen, the line becomes thin to thick depending on the pressure applied, just like a real pencil. This doesn’t just enable extremely precise drawing, it also ensures a very natural writing experience. Please note that the line width variation depends on the app used.

What is tilt function?

The tilt is a professional function, usually used for sketching. It is easier to achieve professional effects like "shadow" and "Stereoscopic effect" like a real pencil.

What 's the difference between AES1.0 and AES2.0 protocol?

  • AES 1.0 has lower position sensitivity and polling rate than Wacom EMR technology. Pens usually have 3 gram minimal stroke pressure, and a slight wobble when inking slowly.
  • AES 2.0 – tilt function and higher polling rate on supported devices(higher polling rate means faster responses and more smooth while writing). It is as accurate as Wacom EMR technology.

What 's the difference between MPP1.5 and MPP2.0 protocol?

Microsoft Pen protocol /MPP (formerly N-trig). Pens usually have 9-12 gram minimal stroke pressure. MPP2.0 is tilt, less wobble, and higher polling rate on supported devices.
Quick start guide of M Pen
When you got M pen for the first time, please see the Quick start guide video.