M pen grey version  
Upgraded Protocols 

More accurate, smoother, 
and compatible with more models.

Responsive. Precise. Hassle-free.

Designed to deliver just the right friction and incredibly low lag. Exceptionally precise tools, down to the smallest details. Making stylus be a real pen.

Upgrade to AES2.0 /MPP2.0 protocols,

More accurate, smoother, and compatible with more models.

Premium material

The Aluminum pen body with a stylish matte surface, not only provides a perfect writing experience but also can withstand 6 pounds of pressure without deformation, not easy to broken

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of the pen body makes it easy to use for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.


Draw and paint, create quick notes, operate devices, mark points. Unleash your creativity with the smooth tip.

Hear users talk about

"The Lazarite stylus pen is a decent stylus for its price point. I like to draw and recently purchased a Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5. I tried two other pens that either did not work or did not have pressure sensitivity on the touch screen. This pen not only works but is incredibly sensitive. It took a bit of getting used to. It is lightweight and makes solid lines. If you are experiencing a "wobble" effect at first, make sure you calibrate the pen to whatever drawing software you are using. For Clipstudio Paint, I did have to do the custom pen pressure settings.
Over all, the price is right and the pen works. I drew this with it and am looking forward to more!"


Neat little stylus for Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5

"I teach online using online whiteboards, and so a good quality pen was really important. Straight out of the box, I struggled to get it working and wrote to the LAZARITE helpdesk, who were prompt and quick in replying. Turns out all I had to do was keep both buttons pressed for 5 seconds to activate the pen. Since then, I have had to this a couple of times when the pen decided to stop working.
This pen works great with my Lenovo Ideapad Flex5. The only niggle is the buttons on the side of the pen are awkwardly located, so I sometimes end up erasing without intending to.
I have only had the pen for a short time, so not sure how well the battery lasts, but so far very happy with my purchase."


Works great with Lenovo Ideapad Flex5

"Works great on my Lenovo yoga 6 13 2-in-1. Tilt works where expected using pencil modes in OneNote,
sketchbook pro (brush-dependent), and Windows inkspace snip & sketch. Using primarily for handwriting at the moment and it performs phenomenally. Only had time for light doodling so far but that works just as well. Some gripes is when changing modes there's no indicator of it switching, it's so smooth it's a bit slippery, and the balance is slightly tail-heavy but it's still comfortable to hold. Overall an excellent stylus. I would love to see a future Lazarite pen that's hexagonal in shape, slightly textured (for grip), with a detachable pocket clip to better imitate a pencil! That'd be awesome. "

J. Nugent

Super writing experience

"I bought the stylus as a possible replacement for my Lenovo Flex 5. After playing with the original pen, I decided to give it a go. Man this is a great stylus. I placed the original Lenovo stylus as back it. I love how responsive it is and the right pressure sensitivity."


Works better than expected!

"I bought 3 pens in which they claimed to work for Lenovo idea pad flex 5 but... The first one wasn't palm rejection. The second one was only for iPad, and the third one claimed to work for windows, but it didn't work for mines. So after spending over 100 dollars, this pen works. It has palm rejection, looks just like a pen, and is comfortable."

Donessa plass

Work on lenovo ideapad flex 5


Our goal is to make stylus be a real pen. And we are using technology to recreate the function of a real pen that it should be.


High Sensitivity

Sketch, Draw and write accurately with 4,096 pressure points, responding to the lightest touch. Feel the artist-level creative experience.

Customize buttons

If the default function is not what you are used to, the side buttons also support customization.(check this article)

Super Long-lasting

Powered by AAAA battery provides 1000 hours using time

No Easy To Lose

Stylus pens come with a clip so you can attach it to a pocket or your tablet case.




M Pen grey has been upgraded pen protocol

M Pen grey has been upgraded pen protocol

From October 2022, M pen Grey version has been upgraded to the pen protocols, (same as...

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LAZARITE M pen, Active stylus pen, compatible with majority laptop that support pen writing.

LAZARITE M pen, Active stylus pen, compatible with majority laptop that support pen writing.

Why digital pen

The pen has a very long history.

Humankind started to record their life by using stone knives...

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How to use the buttons from your active stylus Pen

How to use the buttons from your active stylus Pen

When you have a great stylus pen for writing and drawing on your laptop,...

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Making Stylus be a real pen

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