M Pen grey has been upgraded pen protocol

M Pen grey has been upgraded pen protocol

From October 2022, M pen Grey version has been upgraded to the pen protocols, (same as the black pen).
including AES1.0 upgraded to AES2.0, MPP1.5 upgraded to MPP2.0, and added Wacom's WGP protocol.


How do the upgraded protocols work?
pen protocol switch

The default setting of the pen is the new generation of pen protocols (AES2.0, MPP2.0,WGP) and the pen's built-in chip automatically matches AES, MPP and WGP protocols when the pen touches the screen of the laptop.

If you are using an older laptop that only supports AES1.0 or MPP1.5, you will have to manually switch to the previous generation of pen protocols.

To do this, press and hold the two side buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds to switch protocols.

What has been improved by the protocol upgrade?

1, Compatible with more models, such as Lenovo yoga /HP Envy Spectre/Asus zenbook vivobook/Dell Inspiron 2 in 1

2, Tilt support, makes doodling and drawing much more easier and convenience.

3, More smoother when writing and drawing.


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