LAZARITE M pen, Active stylus pen, compatible with majority laptop that support pen writing.

LAZARITE M pen, Active stylus pen, compatible with majority laptop that support pen writing.

Why digital pen

The pen has a very long history.

Humankind started to record their life by using stone knives carving on bones or tortoise shells, sticks with carbon ashes on walls, ink and pigment on bamboos, leather linens, silks, and at last on the papers.

Keyboard has only a concise history in recent decades.

The pen has played a significant role in the history and civilization of humankind. History, culture, creativities, technologies, innovations are developed using a pen.

Pen helped humankind a lot in the past.

It also will play a significant role in the digital era in the future.

The digital pen will help people realize the conventional functions of pens and record the life ink footprint of every single person from baby to teenager to adults till the end of life.

The digital pen is a tool to create your memories, thoughts, ideas, dreams, plans, creativities, innovations without being lost and forgotten.

Pen solution

Let's take a look at the styluses on the market. There are only two types of stylus pen commonly available: active capacitive stylus and passive electromagnetic stylus. Here we will mainly talk about the active capacitive pen. Active capacitive pen technology is now a widespread technology carried on mobile devices, down to mobile phones (Huawei Mate20 X, Mate40, LG Velvet), tablets (Surface, iPad, Matepad Pro) and up to devices such as laptops and all-in-one PCs.

The early Wacom EMR technology (such as Samsung Stylus S-pen) in large-screen mobile devices on the defects are obvious, especially in the non-in-cell screen. When writing with pen, the nib cursor accuracy declines seriously, especially the edge of the screen 1-2cm part.

So the original is used to touch the touch screen was also developed to give the additional function of a stylus and formed an early stylus solution. Apple pencil uses this type of digital pen technology and Surface MPP, Wacom AES, Huawei M-pencil, and USI universal-style stylus, all are active capacitive.

Common digital pen technologies

Wacom EMR(Samsung Stylus S-pen) - Wacom electromagnetic resonance battery-free pen.

S pen

After 2017, Wacom EMR devices have optically-bonded displays that minimize the gap and are much more accurate near the edges. Pressure sensation, slow diagonal writing without jitter, damping touch of the ultra-fine nib, pen weight, and resistance to static interference are greatly enhanced.(EMR belongs to passive electromagnetic technology, which we will talk about separately in a future article.)


Wacom AES - Wacom active electrostatic pen with replaceable or rechargeable battery. Favored by the customer for high accuracy, including at the edges of the display.

Wacom aes pen

  • AES 1.0 has lower position sensitivity and polling rate than Wacom EMR. Pens usually have 3 gram minimal stroke pressure, and a slight wobble when inking slowly.
  • AES 2.0 - tilt function and higher polling rate on supported devices(higher polling rate means faster responses and more smooth while writing). It is as accurate as Wacom EMR.

Wacom WGP - Equivalent to the low version of AES2.0, some cheaper tablets will carry this protocol, such as Xiaomi.

Microsoft MPP - Surface pen from the acquisition of Israel's N-trig, later renamed Microsoft MPP protocol, and open to charge a fee to license the technology to third-party manufacturers.

surface pen

  • MPP 1.0 - no tilt, wobbly slow lines.
  • MPP 1.5 - less wobbly slow lines on supported devices.
  • MPP 2.0 - tilt, less wobble, and higher polling rate on supported devices. Devices are forward and backward compatible.

Apple Pencil - Apple private active capacitive pen protocol, the algorithm is powerful. Most APPs have handwriting prediction to reduce latency, the most luxurious active pen with materials, the main advantage in tilt angle recognition 90 ° strongest.

Apple pen

similar to Wacom AES 2.0, it has a high polling rate and high position accuracy. Its tilt sensitivity is excellent because it has side-emitters for measuring tilt, while other protocols only have one emitter pointing down at the tip of the pen or a second ring-shaped emitter. Apple Pencil "1" and Apple Pencil 2 perform the same but are incompatible with each other.

Huawei M Pencil -Huawei HPP (Huawei Pen Protocol) belongs to the private protocol active capacitive pen technology, but in 2019 and before Huawei used the Wacom AES pen solution, after 2019 switched to a private protocol which similar to AES.

huawei pencil

Slightly Stronger than the ordinary Wacom AES, Microsoft MPP devices, but the stability is still not very good. Many users feedback broken touch, ink leakage, slow slash jitter.

USI - pens that support the Universal Stylus Initiative protocol.

USI pen

It belongs to a consortium of several touch screen manufacturers and OEM consumer electronics manufacturers in the world. It charges almost no licensing fees and can be done at the lowest cost. Currently, USI pen solution has been used in the Chromebook market in large numbers, and many stylus pen for chromebook appears for sale on Amazon.

There is also a more detailed description of other digital pen technologies on reddit at r/stylus for those who are interested

Why m pen

Now that we know there are so many digital pen technologies on the market, it will be difficult for non-professionals consumers to choose a suitable pen.

We realized this situation, and we decided to make a wide compatible pen for consumers. So M pen is created under this situation.

LAZARITE M pen is the meaning for the multi-protocol digital pen.

The M pen has upgrade to AES2.0, MPP 2.0, WGP, AIT protocols..

lazarite m pen black and grey


So, M pen can be compatible with many laptops that support pen writing.(See the compatible list)

In addition to multi-protocol, M pen also offers many features just to make the stylus, like a real pen.

Feature 1: 4096 Pressure Sensitivity

What is pressure sensitivity?

pressure sensitivity is the factor that determines how thick or thin the lines you draw appear when you exert force on the pen on your graphic laptop.

At present, there are 4 common levels of pressure sensitivity 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192. So, for example, the strength of your pen is 1 to count, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192 pressure sense is just a force with a decomposition into 10, 20, 40, 80 parts, the more decomposition, theoretically more subtle expression of strength.

The higher the pressure sensitivity, the smoother the transition from thin to thick, light to dark. Therefore, when using the stylus pen, the line becomes thin to thick depending on the pressure applied, just like a real pencil. This doesn’t just enable extremely precise drawing, and it also ensures a very natural writing experience.

4096 pressure sensitive

Of course, 4096 pressure sensitivity has been able to meet the vast majority of life and work in the use of demand.

Feature 2: Palm Rejection

If the stylus pen doesn't have a palm rejection feature, it's easy to get a noise line like this by mistouch from your palm when you're concentrating on taking notes or making art.

 no palm rejection

So, the market began to appear on the anti-touch gloves.


Of course, gloves can indeed solve the problem of anti-touch, but they also bring new problems, such as not air permeability, a lot of friction, even screen scratch.

Is there is a better solution? There is. With the development of technology, M pen is also designed to palm rejection function so that, without gloves, it can also prevent accidental touch.

palm rejection

As long as the pen tip and the screen are close to 8mm, it will automatically start the palm rejection function. No more annoying noise lines during the creation process!

Feature 3: Tilt Support

LAZARITE M Pen is tilt support.

tilt support

To use the tilt function, the laptop must also have tilt support.

tilt compare

The pen with inclination pressure sense can imitate the natural drawing like, according to the pen inclination to produce additional pressure sense to restore the feeling of drawing on paper. If you have ever sketched, you know that when you draw, you use the side peaks of the pencil to lay the tone, and only when you finally refine it do you use the nib to draw.

Tilt function belongs to the professional function. Photoshop in many professional brushes can only be used properly with inclination pressure sense. Not all software and brushes support inclination pressure sense function.

The tilt is a professional function, usually used for sketching. It is easier to achieve professional effects like "shadow" and "Stereoscopic effect" like a real pencil.

Customer feedback

The majority of consumers has well-received our products since they were launched.

m pen 5 star

M pen is built- in multiple protocols and can be compatible with many laptop models, but not all.

So, please check the compatible devices listed in the "Compatible Models" before purchase. Or check with us for the compatibility of other computers which is not in the compatible Models.


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